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Camp Ground

long term stays in rv sites will be available starting september 15 through april 15th. please email to inquire

Online booking for camping in 2020 will open january 15th



Camp Ground

long term stays in rv sites will be available starting september 15 through april 15th. please email to inquire

Online booking for camping in 2020 will open january 15th


The Long Beach Campground

"The perfect spot for a family vacation, a surfing adventure, or a laid-back getaway."

Keep reading for reservation information, bear safety, campground rules, and FAQs


March 1st to October 30th

Campsites: $40.00 /night
Fully Serviced RV Hook-Up Site:  $60.00 /night

A non-refundable reservation fee of $5 per site will be charged at the time of booking.

To book a 30 amp full hook-up RV site or a

Tent Site, follow the link below for online reservations:

Or call (250) 725-3314 for any extra assistance while making a booking.

  • All prices include up to 4 people and 2 cars

  • Max 4 people per site. Up to 2 extra people (total of 6) are allowed for a price of $5.00 per extra person per night.

  • Children five years and under are free.

  • Dog's are permitted. With a daily fee of $5.00

  • All prices subject to 5% GST

Check in time - 1pm    |    Check out time - 11am 

Nestled in the ancient rain forest, the Long Beach Golf Course Campground offers 76 campsites in a wilderness setting and is only a few minutes drive from the waves of world known Long Beach in Pacific Rim National Park. Ideally situated between Tofino and Ucluelet, the Long Beach Golf Course and Campground's central location allows quick access to all the local attractions. Just look for the Grice Bay Rd. turnoff and you’ve found us!

Each campsite is equipped with a picnic table and a fire pit. There is running drinking water throughout the campground. In the main campground building we have flush toilets, urinals, &  Free Showers. NEW FLUSH TOILETS AND SHOWERS FOR 2019! Showers and washrooms are now completed in main building. Flush toilets in the campground itself are unfortunately still under construction due to circumstances out of our control. Porta potties will be used until further notice.

The Long Beach Campground office is stocked with brochures and information about local restaurants, events, and activities, and our staff is happy to make recommendations. Bundles of firewood and kindling are available for your campfire.

Combine a stay at our campground with one of the many unique amenities that the Long Beach Golf Course and Campground has to offer. 


Online booking is now available! Just click here to reserve your spot today!

Interested is a long stay vacation?
Phone 250 725 3332 or email to inquire about our monthly rates in our RV sites(low season only).


  • The reservation cancellation & change fee is $15 per site.

  • NO REFUNDS will be given of reservations cancelled within 14 days of reservation date.

  • No refunds will be given because of the weather.

  • No refunds will be given due to evictions.

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Bear Aware



Bear Aware


Bear Safety

Bears may be encountered throughout many parks during the summer months. Bears are not tame, gentle or cuddly; they are unpredictable and potentially dangerous.

Although most bears are simply travelling through and make every effort to avoid humans, a bag of garbage or some unattended food on a picnic table may be irresistible to their keen sense of smell.

A Fed Bear is a Dead Bear

Don't be a contributor to food-conditioning.

Bears that scavenge food begin to associate food with humans, and become "food-conditioned." Food-conditioned bears lose their natural fear of humans and become a threat to park visitors as they roam through the park in search of an easy meal.

There is little or no chance of correcting a food-conditioned bear and Park Rangers are forced to destroy them when they become aggressive towards humans.

Avoiding Dangerous Encounters with Bears

There are some simple precautions you must take to prevent the food-conditioning of bears and avoid dangerous bear encounters.

  • Never feed or approach bears or other wildlife.
  • Reduce or eliminate odours that attract bears.  At the campground, store food in air-tight containers in your RV or car trunk.
  • Bear caches must be used if they are available at the park.
  • Pack out all your garbage. Store garbage with your food, out of reach of bears. Do not bury garbage or throw it into pit toilets. Only paper and wood may be burned: plastics, tinfoil, and food items do not burn completely and the remains will attract bears (besides creating an unsightly mess). Storing garbage in bear-proof containers is recommended.
  • Cook and eat well away from your tent.
  • Clean up immediately and thoroughly. Never leave cooking utensils, coolers, grease or dish water lying around. Dispose of dish water by straining it and then throwing it into a gray water pit or pit toilet. Solids should be packed out with the garbage.
  • The odours of cosmetics, toothpaste and insect repellent can attract bears. These should be stored out of reach with your food and garbage, never in your tent. Leave strongly perfumed items at home.
  • Obey all closures and warnings    


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Campground Rules


Campground Rules

Welcome to Long Beach Campground. In order to make your stay and that of others around you a happy experience, please observe these campground rules and regulations at all times while staying at Long Beach Campground.  Please ensure that you, your invitees, friends and family understand them. Thank you.

  • The campground gate will be closed from 11pm - 6am . This is to discourage drinking and driving, maintain quiet hours, and protect the golf course. If you arrive late or need to leave early, you can park outside the gate and walk in. If you arrive late, your site number and check in details will be left just outside the office, but you must register the next day and always keep a clean site. Emergency services has keys for our gates for your safety and can be reached at 911.

  • YOU MAY NOT access the golf course at ANY TIME without purchasing a greens fee for the purpose of golf.

  • Check in is 1pm - Check out time is 11am.

  • All campers and visitors must check in at the office upon arrival.

  • Quiet time is 11pm-8am.

  • Excessive noise or loud music will not be tolerated at any time.

  • Generators must be turned OFF by 9 PM

  • Disorderly or dangerous conduct will not be tolerated and will result in an automatic eviction of the entire party. There are no refunds if you are evicted.

  • Do not cut or limb trees on the campsite or elsewhere on the property. Firewood is available for purchase at the Campground Office

  • Pets must be kept on a leash at all times. Any attacks by animals on staff or other campers will result in an eviction. Owners are responsible for cleaning up after their pets. Pets must not be left unattended.

  • The campsite area must be kept clean and bear aware for the enjoyment of all. Bears, crows and raccoons will become a problem when food and garbage are not properly stored.

  • Place all garbage in the garbage containers provided and sort your own recycling please.

  • All campfires must be supervised by an adult and contained within the fire rings. Please fully extinguish your campfire before you leave the site.

  • Maximum of 2 Vehicles Per Site.

  • 6 People Per Site Max.

  • Please remember that you are our guests and if you have visitors you are responsible for their behaviour. If your visitor is breaking the rules, the entire booking will be evicted. There are no refunds for evictions.


(Click to see answers)

We have free showers that are available for Long Beach Campground campers.

We are approx 2 minute drive from the world famous Long Beach in the Pacific Rim National Park.

We make a big effort to keep our location clear so that we don't attract bears. If they do make a presence here, we have to call Parks Canada to cull the bear. Crows in the area are also a problem. If there is any food left out, they will be there first thing in the morning calling the rest of them.

No. The few scheduled daily flights do not land or take off from the air strip that is near the camp sites.

Our rates are based on 4 persons per site. We allow up to six campers per site with an added charge per person per night.

Yes you can! Generators must be shut off for quiet time at 9PM

Yes. Normally, we are able to allow fires all season.

No. There are two vehicles max per site and six people max.

No. This is a family camp ground and fires must be out at quiet time.

No, but the rates are great!

No. There is firewood available for purchase in the Campground Office.

You can park outside the main gate and walk in/out. Late reservations will be posted at the office.


Yes, but they must leave by 10 pm.