Long Beach Golf Course
1850 Pacific Rim Hwy
Tel: (250) 725-3332
Email: golf@island.net

Course Map

Long Beach Golf Course (hole by hole description)
 Hole 1: Dog Leg Right with hazards on both sides. A straight tee shot is a must. look to use A iron off the tee to get you started.
 Hole 2: Look to use a wood off the tee to set up your second shot into an incline green surrounded by rainforest.
 Hole 3: One of the toughest par 4's on the Island. Long and straight will help you make par.
 Hole 4: Don't let length force you to hit wood. Iron will keep you in play, second shot will be a risk and reward scenario. Look to leave your bag tag on the cedar bow.
 Hole 5: Muscle this one - maybe another club is in order if there is any breeze at all.
 Hole 6: Dog Leg Right - you can play it over the trees to set up your second or play it safe with iron off the tee.
 Hole 7: Great par 3 pin - maybe tucked to the left which forces a draw to be used - look out for the water beside the green!
 Hole 8: Let it rip! Lots of room to hit the big stick - watch out for the small green!
 Hole 9: The signature hole - only 180 yards to the reveen will leave you to navigate through the snag to make a good par. Par or better on this hole: come in and get 10% off at the Pro Shop!